- Access to the entire P&H TV library for $12.99/month

Do I get public streaming rights for events at my church with the PERSONAL MONTHLY ALL ACCESS SUBSCRIPTION?

No. Public streaming rights are only available with our CHURCH LICENSE or CHURCH LICENSE ANNUAL subscriptions.


- 12 months of P&H TV for $119.00 ($9.99/month)
- Access to the entire P&H TV library

Do I get public streaming rights for events at my church with the PERSONAL ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION?

No. Public streaming rights are only available with our CHURCH LICENSE or CHURCH LICENSE ANNUAL subscriptions.

What do I get with the CHURCH LICENSE?

- Access to the entire P&H TV library for $27.98/month
- Streaming rights for in-person events at your church (worship services, funerals, weddings, etc.)

This DOES NOT include rebroadcasting rights (live-streams, social media, etc.). In order to get rebroadcast rights, you must sign up for the CHURCH LICENSE ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION.


- 12 months of P&H TV for $283.98
- Access to the entire P&H TV library
- Streaming rights for in-person events at your church (worship services, funerals, weddings, etc.)
- Rebroadcasting rights (live-stream services, social media platforms, etc.)
    (see below for rebroadcasting guidelines)
- Coupon code (100% OFF) for TWO EXTRA MONTHLY ALL ACCESS accounts

Can I use P&H TV in our church's live worship service streams?

Yes, under the following conditions:

- Your church is subscribed to our CHURCH LICENSE ANNUAL plan.
- Live streams using P&H TV content MUST NOT be downloadable.
- Live streams using P&H TV content must be removed after one week.

There is a huge difference between streaming content and downloading content.

The truth is, the majority of Praise & Harmony music belongs to artists unaffiliated with The Acappella Company. In order to release their music, we must follow legal guidelines. Each medium (CD, DVD, streaming, digital downloads) has its own unique guidelines. For P&H TV, we have specific legal clearance to use this music for streaming. Offering content for digital downloading and/or rebroadcasting requires completely different clearances, which we do not have through P&H TV. As a result, we CAN NOT allow content on P&H TV to be downloaded directly (with the exception of the videos in our "Downloadable Content" category), nor can we allow live streaming (rebroadcasting) of P&H TV content in any format that is downloadable. P&H TV content may only be streamed to individuals and churches who are subscribed to appropriate plans.

P&H TV is a streaming platform, not a downloading or rebroadcasting platform. Thank you for respecting these guidelines.

Can I download videos from P&H TV?

For legal reasons (explained above), the only videos which are downloadable from P&H TV are the ones in our "Downloadable Content" category.

If you would like to download videos that are NOT in the "Downloadable Content" category, you must purchase them from our online store.

How do I download videos from the "Downloadable Content" category?

Click on the video that you want to download. Below the video screen, click "Download."

Please note that in browsers such as Chrome, Safari & Firefox, the download opens in a new tab.

For Chrome - in the new tab, click the 3 vertical dots to then select Download.

For both Safari & Firefox - in the new tab, right click the screen and select ‘Save as’ to save the file to your device.


What's the difference between a coupon code and a gift card code?

A coupon code is code created by P&H TV/The Acappella Company to provide discounts for P&H TV subscriptions. Coupon codes may be bulk codes given out at live events (ex: NEWYEAR50OFF), or they may be custom-made codes which apply to specific subscribers (ex: RYANSMITH100OFF) and/or churches (ex: 4THAVE100OFF).

A gift card code is purchased by a customer and gifted to another customer. Gift card codes are random letter/number combinations. Gift card codes may only be used once! Gift card codes never expire.

Wait... you offer gift cards? How do I buy a gift card for someone?

The easiest way is to click here (or go to praiseandharmony.tv/gift_cards/new). You can choose one of the suggested amounts, or you can enter a custom dollar amount.

Simply follow the instructions on the page to purchase and/or send your gift card.

How do I redeem a coupon code and/or gift card?

- Click on "TRY 3 DAYS FREE" on the home page.
- Choose plan.
- Fill out "Customer Information" page. Click "Continue."
- Enter coupon code/gift card code on the right side of "Billing Details" page (in the "Discount Code" entry field). Click "Apply."
- Enter payment information (credit card or Paypal info) on left side of "Billing Details" page. Click "Complete." (Yes, payment information is still required, even if you have a coupon code for free service.)

Coupon codes and gift cards MUST BE redeemed on the website (https://praiseandharmony.tv/). They CAN NOT be redeemed in-app, as in-app purchases are typically routed through third-party payment systems. If you have a coupon code, use it to sign up through the website, then log in to your account in your phone and/or TV app(s).

Which subscription does my coupon code apply to?

If a coupon code applies to a specific subscription, the instructions accompanying the code will specify.

Do coupon codes and/or gift cards expire?

Gift cards NEVER expire. Coupon codes MAY expire, depending on the circumstances. If a coupon code has an expiration date, it will be communicated (either through email or the ad providing the code).

I have paid for the CHURCH ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION but have not received my coupon code for TWO EXTRA MONTHLY ALL ACCESS ACCOUNTS.

Your coupon code email most likely came from Ryan Smith (ryan@acappella.com). If, after a few days, you don't see the email, check your Spam, Junk, and/or Promotions folders. Sometimes, P&H TV coupon code emails like to hide out there. If you still don't have it, contact Ryan. First, he will apologize profusely. Then, he will send you your coupon code.

When I renew my CHURCH ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION, do I get a new set of coupon codes?

No. If you're a returning CHURCH ANNUAL subscriber, the account(s) which applied your coupon code will automatically be extended for another year. If you wish to change one or both of your code recipients, contact Ryan Smith (ryan@acappella.com).


Can I add more people (my staff, my worship team, etc.) to my CHURCH ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTION (beyond the two extra accounts that I already get)?

Yes! We offer a 35% discount for up to 50 extra MONTHLY ALL ACCESS accounts. Contact us at tv@acappella.com and let us know how many people (how many extra accounts) you would like to add. We will send you a separate (35% OFF) coupon code to apply toward those extra accounts.

Can I provide P&H TV for my entire church?

Yes! We offer a significant discount for churches who wish to provide P&H TV to ALL members. Contact tv@acappella.com to set up your custom subscription!

Do extra accounts use the same login information (usernames and passwords)?

No. Even though extra accounts are signing up as part of a church, they are still individual accounts, each with their own usernames and passwords.

Can I have multiple accounts under the same username?

No. In order to prevent account sharing, our platform has placed a cap on the amount of people who may be logged in to one account. For example: You can not create one account and use it for your entire worship staff.


My account is acting weird (or I simply have a question). Who can help me?

Contact Ryan Smith (ryan@acappella.com). He'll be happy to answer any questions that you have!

Can I create a playlist in P&H TV?

Unfortunately, no. This is a highly-requested feature, and we regularly ask our third-party platform's development team to add it. However, it has not yet been added.

UPDATE: Subscribers using the P&H TV mobile app can now create playlists. But those playlists are not accessible on the main website.

I like to listen to Praise & Harmony TV while I work and/or do other things, but autoplay isn't working.

Ultimately, P&H TV is a video site. As such, we intend for subscribers to watch and listen (especially when learning four-part harmony!). However, we acknowledge that some enjoy listening to the music while they work.

The best Internet browser for autoplay in P&H TV is Google Chrome. Other browsers allow for autoplay, but they often stop autoplay if you move to another tab or window. As of June 2022, Chrome offers the most reliable autoplay, even when performing other computer tasks.

How do I cancel my P&H TV subscription? [visual tutorial]

Now, why would you want to do that? (Kidding.)

If you signed up through the P&H TV website:

To cancel your subscription, log into your account on https://praiseandharmony.tv.
You'll see five red links at the top of the page: FULL VIDEO CATALOG, TUTORIAL VIDEOS, STORE, ACCOUNT, & FAQ's.

1.) Click on "ACCOUNT."
2.) Click "Billing"
3.) Click "Change Plan"
4.) Click "Cancel Membership"
5.) When it asks, "Are you sure?" click "OK."

Then, if there are any further instructions, follow them to finalize your cancellation.

IMPORTANT: If the subscription originated through an app purchase, you MUST cancel through the app through which the subscription was purchased. Cancelling an in-app purchase via the web UI WILL NOT cancel your app based subscription. An admin (i.e. Acappella Company staff) cannot cancel this for you.